Hi everyone,


With four separate European Challenge Tour (CT) tournaments behind me, and being home in Finland for more than a few days for the first time in weeks, I thought it’d be a good time to write a few thoughts down.


Life as a professional golfer has started out as a great experience. By “great,” I mean it’s been fun. I mean I’ve learned new things. And I mean I’ve succeeded in failing in many ways.


Yes, you read correctly! I just connected “failure” to the word, “great.”


As mentioned above, I have played in four different CT tournaments so far as a professional. I have also failed four times. I have failed in four different ways and I have failed in four pretty cool ways!

Screen shot 2015-08-17 at 5.18.19 PM

  1. In Tenerife, I missed the cut outright by a few shots.
  2. In France, I was playing well and made the cut, but after a tough weekend I finished dead last out of the players that made it to the final two days.
  3. In Northern Ireland, I played well the first day but struggled with scoring and shot +1 for the round. I came back the next day and played some good golf to shoot -3. Ultimately, I ended up missing the cut by one shot, and by one place also. On CT, the top 60 players and ties make it to the last two days, and there were exactly 60 guys in front of me.
  4. In Finland, I played really solid golf the first three days and I found myself two shots off the lead in 3rd place and in the final pairing on the last day. However, I also found myself drop from 3rd place to 41st place during the fourth and final round.


A few of these experiences took some time to digest, and I can honestly tell you that the last one will take a little more time. But what I also can tell you is that I know how each one of those experiences feels like. I wonder how long it normally takes to experience all these emotions and scenarios? I am that much richer in experience, and it’s been a “great” experience because I am certain that all of these failures will take my game forward and to the next level. Normally failure is associated with negativity, with not reaching one’s goals, or tapping into one’s full potential to perform. And sure, this is true to a large extent. What the concept of failure doesn’t seem to take into account, however, is time and perspective. Golf is a journey with a long-term focus and not a short-term one – as long as you stay healthy. So, I choose to see my failures as something positive. Golf is a lifestyle of it’s own, and I can tell you without hesitation that I am quite fond of this lifestyle already!


WP_20150722_16_04_55_ProAnd as I mentioned earlier, golf teaches you new things. Like to come up with creative ways to find clean clothing for tournament days when the hotel laundry room isn’t operational. This is the apparatus I came up with in France. All I needed was some hand-washing laundry detergent, a clean hotel bathroom sink, and a 3-iron I wasn’t using in tournament play.